5 Signs you Need an Oil Change

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Oil Change in Car

If the engine is the heart of a car, then oil is the blood. Fresh, clean oil keeps your car performing at its best, and prevents engine damage and decreased fuel economy.  To continue doing its job properly, your motor oil should be changed at regular intervals.

To help Maple Shade, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill drivers know when it’s time for a change, Elite Acura has created this guide of the five most common signs you need an oil change,

Signs That You Need an Oil Change

  1. Your oil is low

Since dirty oil is less efficient, engines will compensate by using more oil to do the same job. You can check your oil levels by examining the dipstick. If the oil level isn’t higher than the “add” line, it’s time for an oil change. Just always make sure your engine is cool when looking under the hood, or have a professional do it.

  1. Drivers Guide Auto Maintenance eBookThe check engine light or oil light is on

In most cars, the oil light on the dashboard will illuminate if the vehicle needs an oil change. Low oil may also cause the check engine light to come on. When this happens, it’s best to schedule a visit to a service technician to check your engine as soon as possible.

  1. You have dirty oil

When checking your oil levels, technicians will also look at the color of your oil. Dirty oil is a deep black color from all the engine particles that it collects over time. It should be a rich amber color. If you can’t see the dipstick through the oil, it’s dirty and needs to be changed.

  1. New sounds, smells, and performance issues

Clean oil keeps your vehicle at peak performance levels. Swing your car by a service center for some fresh oil if you notice:

  • Slower acceleration than usual
  • A knocking sound in the engine
  • More frequent fill-ups than is otherwise normal
  • An oil smell in the cabin
  1. You Can’t Remember Your Last Oil Change

Your car needs its oil changed at regular intervals. Generally, you should take care of this every six months or 6,000 miles. For older cars its more like every three months or 3,000 miles.

Requirements vary by model, so always check your owner’s manual for your car’s specific needs. If you can’t remember the last time you brought your vehicle in for an oil change, pop on over to our service portal to schedule your service online.

Adding Oil to Car

Motor Oil 4-1-1

Scheduling regular oil changes is an easy way to keep your car working safely and efficiently, but why?

Oil serves two major purposes for your engine:

  • Lubrication: Your engine is comprised of several parts that rapidly move past each other while the engine runs. Fresh oil helps these pieces move smoothly, without grinding against each other and causing damaging friction.
  • Temperature Regulation: Clean oil keeps the engine cool by dissipating heat. This function prevents the engine from overheating and suffering irreparable seal and gasket damage.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

Performing simple routine maintenance can add years to your car’s life, so pay attention to these five warning signs that you need oil change.

If you’re due and in the Maple Shade, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill areas, contact Elite Acura today. Our knowledgeable technicians in our on-site service center would be happy to help you out and get you back on the road in no time.

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