Why Is My Battery Light On?

Here at Elite Acura, we’re dedicated to making sure our fellow Maple Shade, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill drivers are fully informed and prepared when it comes to the maintenance of their car batteries. That’s why our team has come up with the following guide covering the various reasons why your battery light might turn on. Continue reading to become familiar with each one!

Battery Warning Light

Replacing Your Car Battery

First things first, let’s get familiar with the battery light as well as exactly where to find it on your dashboard. Depending on your vehicle, this important dashboard warning light is either red or orange and is in the shape of a car battery with positive and negative symbols inside of it. No matter what vehicle you have, though, it’s located somewhere within your dashboard display cluster.

A normally operating light should come on for a moment when you start your car and then turn off after a few seconds. If you notice it illuminated during your drive, there’s most likely an issue that needs addressed. The possible causes are listed and described below.

Connecting Wires or Cables

One reason your battery light might turn on is that a battery cable or wire belonging to the battery charging system is corroded or loose.

The Alternator

The alternator keeps your battery charged and distributes electrical power to the electrical systems located throughout your vehicle. If this vital component fails, the battery will eventually die because it’s not getting recharged. This can also happen if the accessory belt to the alternator is loose or broken. If either of these are causing the issue, you might also be noticing that your headlights aren’t as bright and your car’s clock is losing time.

The Battery Itself

There are several ways the actual battery could be the culprit. This could be the case if the cable terminals are corroded, some of the battery’s inner cells are damaged, or the battery is leaking.

What to Do When the Battery Light Comes On

How to Jump a Car Battery

If you’re driving when you notice the battery warning light pop up on your dashboard, you should pull over immediately and call for help. If you’re unable to pull over or you’re close to home or the nearest service center, shut off all unnecessary electrical accessories like the heater, air conditioning, and stereo; reducing your car’s consumption of electricity in this way will increase the distance you can drive with the battery until you get to a place where you can receive assistance or safely wait for help.

If you do find a safe spot to pull over and wait, be aware that if the problem is with the charging system or alternator, once you shut of the engine, there may not be enough power to get it started again.

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Remember Your Car Battery’s Regular Maintenance

If you’re in the Maple Shade, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill areas and you have questions about your battery’s maintenance, your battery light has turned on, or you’d simply like to have your battery checked out, we’d be happy to help. Contact Elite Acura to schedule your appointment today!

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