What Is Tire Dry Rot?

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Tire dry rot is when you get tiny cracks along the sidewall and tread of a tire. If ignored, it could lead to bigger issues, such as losing air pressure too quickly. Or, the cracks could open up suddenly, causing a tire blowout when driving around Maple Shade, Moorestown, or Cherry Hill.

So, it’s important to know what tire dry rot is. We’ll go over that below, along with how it’s caused and how you can help prevent getting it on your tires. Read through our informative guide, and don’t hesitate to contact us at Elite Acura if you have any questions.

What Does Tire Dry Rot Look Like?

Healthy tires have oils in the rubber. When those oils start to evaporate, the chemical bonds will break down. The result is a tire that’s brittle, filled with cracks, and gray in color. You might even see small pieces of rubber breaking away from the tire.

What Causes Dry Rot?

Tire PressureThere are several factors that can lead to tire dry rot, such as…

  • Exposure to the elements: Tires that are constantly exposed to the sun can get dry rot quickly since UV rays and oxygen are big reasons that degradation occurs.
  • Under-inflation: If the tires are low on pressure, then they’ll wear down faster, which will dry out the tire.
  • Lack of use: Tires are designed to be used. Therefore, if your vehicle stays stationary for a long period of time, then the drying out process may be accelerated.

How to Prevent Tire Dry Rot from Occurring

Once a tire has dry rot, it can’t be repaired. At that point, you’ll need to replace it with a brand-new, high-quality tire that fits your automobile.

However, you can prevent tire dry rot from occurring in the first place. First, you’ll want to park your car out of direct sunlight whenever you can, which means parking it in a garage or underground parking rather than next to a curb.

If you do have to park outside, then you may want to cover the car or use tire covers to minimize element exposure.

Make sure the vehicle is driven regularly and always make sure the tires are filled to the proper pressure. Plus, if you clean the tires, avoid using any abrasive or corrosive chemicals. These can actually shorten their lifespan. So, you want to make sure you’re using either non-petroleum-based products or good old soap and water to clean the tires.

Furthermore, you should be inspecting your tires for dry rot at least once a year. You should look at them in the early spring or early fall since the summer and winter months can contribute to dry rot developing.

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If your vehicle has already experienced dry rot, then contact us at Elite Acura. We’ll replace those tires with a new set that’s made for your automobile. Plus, our certified technicians will work quickly and efficiently to have you back on the roads of Maple Shade, Moorestown, and Cherry Hill in no time.

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