Most Common Transmission Problems


The transmission is what sends the right amount of power to your wheels to drive at any given speed. So, if there are any kinds of issues, you may not be able to drive around at all in the Maple Shade, Moorestown, or Cherry Hill areas.

You may be wondering what kind of dilemmas you could run into. Below are some of the most common transmission problems that could occur in your vehicle. Read through them, then contact Elite Acura for transmission service.

Low Fluid Level or Old Fluid

If there are any issues with the transmission fluid, that can greatly affect the transmission itself.

The fluid is meant to keep all the moving parts lubricated and cool, to help prevent them from grinding against each other. If you’re running low on fluid, then it’s most likely from a leak—more specifically, from faulty seals in the transmission or driveshaft.

However, there may be instances when transmission fluid could become contaminated from coolant in the radiator. If the fluid is very old or dirty, then it’ll need to be replaced right away as it can cause gear slippage or slow shifting.

Issues with the Torque Converter

Transmission IssuesThe torque converter can be a source of many problems that could lead to transmission damage or failure.

One common issue associated with the torque converter is from worn or damaged needle bearings. Those are small, lightweight roller bearings in an automatic transmission that help prevent the gears in the torque converter from grinding.

If the needle bearings become worn, you may hear strange sounds, like grinding or brushing noises). This could mean that the transmission gears aren’t moving efficiently and wearing down prematurely.

Worn Gear Synchronizers

Worn gear synchronizers are something that you could experience in a manual transmission. The gear synchronizers are what make the gear you’re about to shift into spin at the same speed as the gear you’re shifting from. When the two gears spin at the same speed during a shift, the synchronizers will create a smooth and seamless shifting experience.

However, if those parts are worn, the transmission can’t work properly. Then, if this problem is left untreated, it could lead to transmission failure.

Worn or Jammed Clutch

Worn or Jammed ClutchA worn or jammed clutch is something else you could experience with a manual transmission. The clutch can wear down if there’s a hydraulic fluid leak in the clutch master cylinder.

However, this could also occur if a driver is frequently accelerating and shifting through the gears without releasing their foot from the clutch. By doing this, the clutch can burn up quickly, resulting in a replacement being needed.

Schedule Transmission Repair Today

Above are some of the most common transmission problems that you may experience in your car. If you run into any issues near Maple Shade, Moorestown, or Cherry Hill, you’ll want to get them remedied right away.

To do so, schedule service at Elite Acura. Our team will get to work right away and have you back in a well-performing automobile again in no time!


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