How to Check Your Car Battery Voltage

Car batteryAccording to the experts, a fully charged car battery should always measure at least 12.6 V. While the engine is running, it should read somewhere between 13.7 V and 14.7 V. So, how do you figure out where your battery’s at? Luckily, our service team here at Elite Acura created this comprehensive guide.

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Checking Your Car’s Battery – 6 Simple Steps

  1. Gather Your Materials: You’ll need safety glasses, protective gloves, and, of course, your multimeter.
  2. Locate the Battery: Typically, you’ll find your battery right under the hood (near the fender). However, a few manufacturers might put it in a different spot, such as in the trunk or under the back seat. If you’re having trouble finding your vehicle’s battery, just drop us a line at Elite Acura—our experts can help.
  3. Set Up the Equipment: Now, turn your lights and ignition off, and have all your stuff ready. While wearing the gloves and the safety glasses, touch the black multimeter lead to the negative battery cable and the red multimeter lead to the positive battery cable. If done properly, the reading will be positive.
  4. Analyze Your Test Results: Once you make sure you have your multimeter set to its DC reading, check out this table to interpret your battery’s health. If you’re still having trouble, be sure to contact us.

Voltage Reading

Percent Charged

12.60 V


12.45 V


12.25 V


12.00 V


11.90 V


  1. Account for Irregularities: One important thing to keep in mind is that these standards are for 80° F weather. Your battery’s voltage will naturally fluctuate by .01 V for every 10° F change in temperature.
  2. Schedule Service ASAP: The last step is only applicable if your battery isn’t charged! In that case, you should set up a service appointment with Elite Acura. We’ll get your car battery replaced in no time at all!

Quick Method for Estimating Battery Voltage

Car battery meterHowever, sometimes you might want to see if your battery’s running low, but you don’t have the tools that you need or the time to carry out the full procedure that we outlined above.

In that case, start your car and turn on its headlights. If they’re very dim, that means that your battery could be running low (as the lights run off your battery). If they’re dim but increase in brightness as you press down on the engine, then it means that the alternator is producing current, but not enough. Finally, if they’re bright and don’t change brightness as you rev the engine, then the system’s in awesome shape.

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